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 0202Points of View from Jerusalem provides a glimpse into the reality of Jerusalem as experienced by its various residents and encourages a more complex and comprehensive understanding of Jerusalem by allowing people to step into the shoes of others and see the perspectives of the various communities that make up Jerusalem. We achieve this by focusing on publications in social media networks of the different communities that make up the city. We make three Jerusalem points of view accessible on our three Facebook pages: a Palestinian point of view from East Jerusalem, an ultra-Orthodox point of view and a point of view from West Jerusalem. In addition, we offer workshops, tours and discussions that help participants better understand what Jerusalem looks like from a different perspective

We have two main goals: to stream information about important events to communities in the city that are not otherwise reached by external communication, and to facilitate discussion to allow individuals to understand how the various communities view the events in the city

Translation and accessibility work require translation expertise and cultural sensitivity. Each translated post includes hours of training, inter-team work, research and more

.You have the opportunity to support our work and help us become more independent

36 ₪ about 11 US dollars) a month will allow us to publish one more post

180₪ about 55 US dollars) will allow us to hold one more workshop

.Every donation makes Jerusalem a better place to live

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