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من نحن

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0202 provides a glimpse into life in Jerusalem as it is experienced by its various different residents, by providing one place in which you can see media and news from the different sectors in the city. We provide access to life in East, West and Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) Jerusalem by translating articles and social media posts from all three communities into each other’s languages. We also offer workshops, tours and discourses to help participants better understand the different ways in which our communities perceive Jerusalem. 

Our mission is to make accessible a steady flow of news and social activities from the parts of Jerusalem that don’t reach external media, and clear the path to understanding the way “the other” sees Jerusalem.

In the cases in which we translate Arabic to Hebrew, Arabic to English and Hebrew to English, we do so as close as possible to the original reports, except for words which have different connotations in each culture. In these cases, we translate the meaning and not the word.

The reports we post do not reflect the personal opinions of the 0202 staff; they reflect the narrative of that specific media in Jerusalem. We do not verify the reports that we publish.

We hope you have a meaningful stroll through our site.

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