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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"As in the past, women are waiting in front of the employment office in East Jerusalem in a never-ending line under inhumane conditions. The women say that the clerks sit in their offices not working, put their feet up on the table and do not pay heed to the people waiting outside.

On a daily basis, hundreds of women wait outside the employment agency in search of work for many hours. In most cases, they are received by employees with an attitude of indifference that nearly amounts to aggression. Rarely do women succeed in obtaining suitable work.

Palestinian Jerusalemites suffer from very harsh living conditions and the poverty rate is close to 80%. In light of the work opportunity shortage and the low level of education, only 13% of women succeed in integrating into the labor market. The employment agency's role in overcoming poverty is of critical importance, but in practice the employment agency is an on-going failing system.

WAC-Maan [1] provides assistance to job-seekers in their efforts to find work. They assist the unemployed in obtaining their rights from the employment agency and the Social Security Administration. In addition, WAC monitors the day-to-day difficulties at the employment agency.

In the photo: The employment agency employees sitting with their feet on the table, while women looking for work wait outside."

-WAC Maan

0202 Editor's Note:
[1] WAC-MAAN, the Workers Advice Center (a registered non-profit association), is an independent representative Workers Union, uniting workers regardless of nationality, religion, gender or the color of their skin. WAC seeks to organize the unorganized into a broad-based labor union.

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