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Municipality Inspectors Remove Signs Hung without Permits

"Yesterday [June 23, 2020] we cleansed Jerusalem from a banner supporting the LGBT community at the U.S. Embassy. Today [June 24] we broke the sign of the Turkish governmental organization ‘Tika’ [Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency] that was on the wall of the cemetery next to the Lion’s Gate.

Edit: The sign was hung there seven years ago as part of the Tika-funded Muslim cemetery’s renovations. Tika works to preserve the Turkish heritage in all areas of the former empire.

The municipality's response: ‘The signs in question have been removed by the municipality’ inspection staff during routine enforcement rounds after they had been put up without any permits. Jerusalem Municipality employees are not allowed to deviate from clear procedures, and as long as the signs are issued without permits, they must enforce the law and remove them.’”

▶️Source: Nir Hasson

0202 Editor’s Notes:
[1] Nir Hasson is Haaretz's Jerusalem affairs reporter.

To read more about the sign that was removed from the U.S. embassy, see: https://bit.ly/3i6nIYw

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