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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


News Digest: Death of Another Cousin of Abu Khdeir Family

“The young man (Mahmoud Maher Abu Khdeir) is the third deceased cousin in the family. It was previously mentioned that settlers executed his martyr cousin (Muhammad Abu Khdeir) after kidnapping him from Shu’afat, another cousin of his also died a while ago, and today the young Mahmoud was shot by anonymous individuals in the Shu’afat area in Jerusalem, which led to his death.
According to the journalist: Muhammad Karout Idkidk”

Selected Comments:
-“May God have mercy on him and let him live in Paradise”
-"May God have mercy on him and grant patience to his family 😔"
-"May God have mercy on them and have mercy on all the dead Muslims"

▶️Source: Muhammad Karout Idkidk Facebook Page

“This afternoon, police forces brought to the Magistrate’s Court in Jerusalem a young man from the Jewish community (23 years old) a resident of Netanya on suspicion of his involvement in the murder of Mahmoud Abu Khdeir (27 years old), from the Shu’afat neighborhood in Jerusalem, who was shot after midnight.
According to the attorney assigned to defend the suspect, the young man has no criminal record and has stated that he fired in his own defense.
The police are still investigating the circumstances of the accident, as the family expressed their strong condemnation after they lost their son, and indicated that the news occurred to them like a thunderbolt [shocked them] and the cause of the crime is unknown to them”

Selected Comments:
-"God suffices, and best is the agent over [May God have revenge on] every unjust individual"
– "God suffices, and the best agent [May God have revenge on] over him, I hope the police don't reduce his punishmentttt"

▶️Source: The State of Shu’afat Camp Facebook Page

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Picture Source: The attached photo is the photo of the murdered person and is not the photo posted with the original post. It was taken from Abu Khadir's Facebook profile.