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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


Mufti [1] Respond to Israel and UAE Peace Agreement

“The Mufti of Palestine, Sheikh Muhammad Hussein: 'Prayer in the Al-Aqsa Mosque in accordance with the agreement of normalization between the Emirates and the Occupation is Haram [forbidden by Islam]'."
#Normalization_is_betrayal [3]

Selected Comments:
– "This is referencing the entrance of Arabs, specifically citizens of the UAE, to come here to pray as a result of the agreement with the Zionists, is this the point of all of this?
– "Is the point of this that already by tomorrow it will be forbidden for us to perform Hajj [pilgrimage to Mecca]?
– [In response:] "And it will be forbidden, great, man. I swear, even if you give me a million dollars I will not perform Hajj to Saudi Arabia, man. The people [there] are garbage, our shoes have more honor than them."
– "The Emirates is a fully grown and mature country, and has the right to choose who it gets in bed with 👌👌 🤭🤭😁😁"

▶️ Source: Al-Quds News Network Facebook Page
0202 Editor’s Notes:
[1] A Mufti is is an Islamic jurist qualified to issue a nonbinding opinion (fatwa) on a point of Islamic law (sharia). Muhammad Hussein is the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem in the Sunni Muslim cleric in charge of Jerusalem's Islamic holy sites, including the Al-Aqsa Mosque. The position was created by the British military government led by Ronald Storrs in 1918. Since 2006 it has been held by Muhammad Hussein.
[2] Normalization or social normalization, is the process through which ideas and behaviors that may fall outside of social norms come to be regarded as "normal". In this case, Palestinians are refering to the normalizing of relationships between Arab countries and Israel.
[3] For earlier posts regarding responses to the Peace Agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, see: https://bit.ly/327S71E and https://bit.ly/325UzFO

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Picture Source: Wikimedia