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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


Stabbing Attack in Old City

"Last night [August 17, 2020], in the Old City of Jerusalem, a terrorist attacked and stabbed a Border Police soldier. Luckily, the other soldiers responded quickly, shot and killed him.

This morning the footage was already on the various news sites.

The publication took 12 hours.

Nearly 3 months ago, not far away, Iyad al-Hallak, a young autistic Jerusalemite, was shot and killed.
According to testimony, he was not shot in one place, but as part of a chase that ended in a garbage room near the Lions Gate.

To this day we have not seen this footage.

I do not think there is a more photographed place in the country than the Old City.

Two and a half months ago I wrote that it is disturbing, today I write that it is scary.

A society that wants life, needs to know how to cope.
Even with mistakes, if made, and also – and I pray not – with malice if there will be,
hiding is never the way.

I wish the wounded warrior a full recovery, and wish us all better days."

▶️Source: Tomer Naor

Picture: screenshot from the video of the attack.

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