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Are the Protests in Jerusalem the Source of High Infection Rates?

"Are the protests on Balfour Street the cause of the high morbidity rates in Jerusalem?

On Wednesday [August 12, 2020], Corona Project Director Prof. Roni Gamzu arrived in Jerusalem and met with the mayor and other senior officials. The municipality noted that Prof. Gamzu praised the municipality for its activities to reduce morbidity in the city but officials present at the meeting noted that he also directed a lot of harsh criticism at dealing with the pandemic at the municipal level.

That night, Mayor Moshe Lion interviewed Yaakov Eichler on TV and said: 'In Jerusalem, it is a very difficult task to reduce Corona morbidity. Thousands of people are protesting on Balfour Sreet and 20,000 people are praying on the Temple Mount and they are causing high infection rates. As mayor I have to work to stop all gatherings'.

There are no official figures regarding the demonstrations. It is also important to note that a significant proportion of protesters come from out of the city. We wonder what the mayor was basing his facts on when he stated that the biggest challenge in dealing with Corona spread is the protests. The mayor's office said they relied on Ministry of Health facts about the spread of infection.

What do you think? Is this the real cause or are they using the demonstrations as a scapegoat?

By Dov Morel, The State of Jerusalem System "

▶️Source: State of Jerusalem

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Picture Source: Israeli Police Spokespeople