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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"Tenants who live near the Caesar Hotel on Jaffa Street, where Corona patients are staying, complain that the patients leave the hotel unsupervised, meet with their families near the hotel, and return to it.

Israel Meir, one of the neighbors, tells ‘Kol Ha'ir’ [Local Newspaper] that ‘the patients leave the hotel from the back side, where the garbage is thrown,’ he claims that ‘there is no barbed wire fence, they just leave the hotel and return. A guard must be placed there. There is a great concern because some of the Corona patients who are staying in the hotel sometimes run away from the back gate, or they meet their families without keeping their distance.’

’Kol Ha’ir’ contacted an IDF Spokesman, who responded: ‘The contract with hotels is carried out through the Ministry of Defense according to designated procedures. The hotel security guard patrols regularly around the hotel, among other things to make sure everything is going well. The garbage disposal and the guests’ stay are going well and are carried out according to the defined health guidelines. Significant parts of the parking are owned by the hotel, residents in the area who are entitled to park there, enter by showing their ID and park as usual’. "

▶️Source: Kol Ha’ir
▶️Picture Source: Screenshot from Video.

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