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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


Peleg Yerushalmi [1] Response to the Corona Pandemic

“A serious matter: ‘After this, the Torah world will need to rebuild itself’.

The destruction of Yeshivot [2] because of Corona: In his Tisha B’av [3] sermon, the Honorable Rabbi Baruch Shmuel Deutsch, head of Yeshiva ‘Be’er Mordechai’ and leader of the Peleg Yerushalmi [3] sermon addressed the current situation in the Yeshiva world. ‘Look at the emptiness that exists. Hundreds of young men are veering off the path because they are not in Yeshiva. Where are their parents? They will still blame the heads of the Yeshivot.’

In last night’s [Wednesday 29 July] address to hundreds of people at his Bayit Vegan [4] Yeshiva, the Honorable Rabbi Baruch Shmuel the Priest, head of the Yeshiva and one of the leaders of Peleg Yerushalmi’s ‘Bnei Torah’ [Peleg political party], mourned the moral deterioration of the current generation, the destruction of the Torah and Yeshiva students, and at the end of his address cried out in heart-wrenching pain.

Here, at Hadrei Haredim, we bring the essence of the Rabbi’s words to the public. ‘During this time, everyone sees the kindness of God. Every day this disease is making more and more people sick, however relative to the rest of the world the situation in Israel is not as bad.’

‘I am not an expert in this,’ said the Head of the Yeshiva. ‘However, in the same way, that no one yet knows what this disease is and how it behaves, we see that situation in the Land of Israel is different. Although we aren’t able to conduct ourselves in a manner that is appropriate for the Land of Israel, and we are in fact doing so many things contrary to this standard and then we look at the verse, ‘The Land will spit out its inhabitants’ [Leviticus 18:25]. We don’t know God’s calculations and the Land of Israel will always remain the Land of Israel. There will always be the remnants of God’s presence- be it hidden or revealed – here. This is the only reason that I have heard as to why the situation in Israel is not as bad as the rest of the world. In any case it is a merit to live in Israel.’”

▶️Source: B’Hadrei Haredim
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0202 Editor’s Notes:
[1] Peleg Yerushalmi (lit. Jerusalem Faction) is a Haredi political organization that is based in Jerusalem. The party was founded and headed by Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach until 2018 when he passed away. The organization differs from the main Haredi-Lithuanian community by their opposition to any cooperation with any military authorities, even in order to obtain an exemption from mandatory service. Bnei Torah is the political party associated with Peleg Yerushalmi.
[2] Yeshiva [plural Yeshivot] is a men’s religious seminary.
[3] Tisha B’av is an annual Jewish 24 hour fast mourning the destruction of the first and second Temple in Jerusalem.
[4] Bayit Vegan is a mostly Haredi community in south-west Jerusalem.

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