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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"For or against?

[In the photo:]

By a tiny majority: The death sentence for terrorists bill passed a preliminary vote.
Netanyahu: ‘There are some situations in which people don’t deserve to live.’
What do you think?”

– Jerusalemite FB group

[Selected comments:]

– "Totally for. But, death sentence to all terrorists – Arab, Jewish, it does not matter. Yishai Shlisel, Murderers of Abu Hadir, Duma murderers [1] – these aren’t different from any other terrorist."

– "For!! This way anyone that goes out to kill will know he won’t return alive. Maybe then they’ll think twice."

– "Dead terrorists don’t go back to terror."

– "The question is – if they already want to die, will this do anything to deter them?"
[In response:] “If not, at least this way the taxes we pay won’t go to feeding them.”

– "As long as there are religions in the world, we won’t be able to live in peace. All wars, conflicts, racism and anything disgusting, have been created by religion and the shit that follows them."
[In response:] “There’s something to that…”
[In response:] "That is really inaccurate. Both world wars didn’t start because of religion[…] If anything, it’s male ego that’s responsible."
[Original poster in response:] “I mean what’s going on in the country now, and in the past."
[In response:] “I understood that, and I gave you examples that contradict that. Humans have created war without religions [as a cause]. There will always be a reason. Territory, economy, ego."
[Original poster in response:] “Yes, but here it’s only because of religion.”

0202 Editor's Notes:
[1] These are examples of Jewish attackers or attacks committed by Jewish attackers

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