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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


Man Demolishes his Own Home in Silwan

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Four children were displaced [from their home], of whom the youngest is 3 years old, and their parents, after Baha' Zaitun destroyed his home by himself, by decision of the Occupation Municipality.
*The house has been standing for four years, and has an area of 75 meters."

Translation of Video:

"He used to live with his mother and father in the house downstairs. Downstairs had only two rooms and a living room. He got married and had four children, so he built the apartment here on the roof as you can see. He lived there for four years, and then [enforcement officials] came and told him: 'You're breaking the law'. He told them: 'I didn't build with stone, I didn't do anything, I put all these panels in for shelter'. [They told him that it's] forbidden. He called a lawyer and paid the money and the lawyer told him: 'I will get you 6 months [delay] and then you will work on a license'.
He paid 20,000 shekels for the lawyer to stop the demolition order and work on the license. Yesterday, the lawyer called him and told him that there was no chance [to get a license], and that they're coming to destroy [the house] tomorrow, or that you can choose to destroy it yourself.
So we told him: 'No need for them to come and take down the apartment, we will already dismantle it, we want to dismantle it and destroy it like the rest of the people. What can we do, we are no better than others. And thank God'."

Selected Comments:
– “May God make it easy on you”

▶️Source: "Wadi Hilweh Information Center – Silwan" Facebook Page

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