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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


Fireworks in East Jerusalem

"The second wave has started and it's harder and more dangerous. Not of Corona, but the fireworks of the cheapest kind that only make a sound.[1]"

Selected Comments:
– "May Allah bring joy to the world, but not like this, the children are terrified. [Such] people who do not know how to celebrate. The money they payed for the fireworks should be donated to support part of the university tuitions of the children of the Martyrs and the injured."

– [In response:] "Honestly, the images we saw of all the injured from fireworks – how for Allah's sake are they going to get their hands back? And those whose fingers exploded for this sin? And just a day ago the Friday Sermon [2] was about the fireworks."

-"May Allah help us. Ignorant people who do not know where life begins. Celebrating shouldn’t be by disturbing others and bothering them all day long. And tonight they continued to fire fireworks, pity on all that money that goes to waste to disturb people. There are patients, there are elders people. Be fearful of the Lord of the worlds, people. Where are the parents? Where are the people? How did we get here? May Allah help us."

– "Hahahahahaha Palestinian explosives dealers made a good profit, and of course the [Palestinian] Authority knows them one by one …. The importers are only Israeli Jews who also made huge profits. It is more than backwardness and irresponsibility, in fact stupidity, and a waste of tens of thousands of shekels. Yes, ‘we are corrupt from head to toe'."

▶️ Source: Ahmad Al-Badiri's Facebook Profile
0202 Editor’s Note:
[1] On Saturday, July 11, the results of the Tawjihi, the Palestinian equivalent of the Israeli matriculation tests, were published. As every year, the publication of the scores was accompanied by celebrations that included firing fireworks and explosives disturbing locals and the surrounding communities.
[1] The Friday Sermon, Khutbah, is an Islamic tradition. Every Friday a sermon is delivered in the local mosque.

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