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Prominent Jerusalem Rabbis Announces Be is Retiring

"A few days ago, Rabbi Jeremy Stavisky announced that he is retiring from Himmelfarb High School after 23 years. I admit that I received this announcement with great sadness, as I know the great appreciation he has for his students and acquaintances.

During Rabbi Jeremy's time, many thousands of rabbi's students became involved in all aspects of life and Israeli society, they are too many to enumerate, but they affect Israeli society daily, creators and entrepreneurs, and of course Rabbi Jeremy has a big part to do with that.

Rabbi Jeremy is part of an impressive mosaic of Jerusalemite educational characters who wake up each morning to fully utilize and enhance their students' skills as much as possible.

On my behalf and on behalf of all the residents of the city, I would like to thank Rabbi Jeremy for his years of work for Jerusalem students.

On this occasion, I would like to congratulate the new Himmelfarb director, Rabbi Shlomi Danino, who has stepped into big shoes. I have no doubt that he will succeed and know how to continue the blessed work in high school."

▶️ Source: Moshe Lion – משה ליאון [Jerusalem Mayor]
▶️ Picture source: Gilad Tidhar Photography

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