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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


Aguda Threatens: We Will Settle Scores With Groups Not Voting For Us.

During a closed doors meeting, senior Hasidic leaders were told by Agudat Yisrael that there will be payback for those not voting for them in the upcoming election.
A senior Agudat Yisrael official told Kikar Hashabat [2] that ‘this time everything will be clear and computerized. We invested a lot of efforts and technological resources so we will know in full detail, through representatives in every sect, in all the different hasidic sects, we will know who voted and who did not.’
He went on and made a clear threat: ‘Groups and congregations that their rabbis do not prohibit voting and still do not go out and vote – will not be represented in the next government, the times when we work and no one gets out and votes are over…
We are at a point where our representatives even got in trouble for helping out those who didn't really help us in the election, but we were always there to help without calculating cost-benefit – that is over. We will not look the other way…A group or sect that won't make sure to get their people to the polls, we will not acknowledge them when the day they need us comes’
A source at Agudat Yisrael tells Kikar Hashabbat that this time we will know every detail about every congregation and every sect, exactly how many voted in real time.

▶️ Source: Kikar Hashabat
0202 Editors Notes:
[1] Agudat Yisrael – a Hasidic political party. Founded as a branch of the original Agudat Yisrael founded in Kattowitz Poland in 1912 as a umbrella organization for orthodox jews opposing the zionist movement. Major Sects in the org: Belz Gur Viznitz
[2] Kikar Hashabat – Israeli news website directed towards the Charedi community

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