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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


“Law intended to separate Shuafat Refugee Camp and Kufr Aqab from Jerusalem scrapped; Knesset passes ‘Jerusalem Law’:

The Israeli Knesset approved late last night [January 2, 2017] the first and second reading of the United Jerusalem bill which prohibits the transfer of any part of Occupied Jerusalem in any future final settlement without the approval of 80 Knesset members; the bill was also amended to remove an article that would have separated Arab neighborhoods from the [Jerusalem] municipality, and would have placed them under special local authorities.
Israeli news sources report that the bill was passed after a debate which lasted three hours, and after removing the article in the bill that aimed to isolate and separate Palestinian majority towns and transfer them to separate municipalities under the control of the Occupation.

The bill was passed in a 64 to 51 vote with one MK abstaining.

(Taken from Shuafat Camp News)

The bill states that any change in the status of Jerusalem, or any decision to transfer parts of the city in any future political agreement requires a supermajority of 80 members of Knesset and not a regular majority.
According to Israeli sources, ‘political pressure’ resulted in a radical change to the wording of the bill, and to the removal of an article that aimed at dividing the city and isolating and separating Palestinian neighborhoods from the municipality of the Occupation, and transferring them to a new separate municipality under Israeli control.”

-Anata News
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