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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"Did You Vote for Moshe Leon? [1]

Well, at Telem springs, kilometers away from any residential area, there is a wonderful family event going on. [An event] invested with much effort and really wonderful.
Suddenly, by foot (the rumor goes that he even lives 13 Km away from the spring) a Haredi municipal council member came to check on us to make sure that this event – funded by our taxes – was not going towards a sound system or arts and crafts.
Because of Shabbat.
Everybody here is secular. This event is on Shabbat. Everyone arrived here by car.
Half of the activities were shut down because of this unenlightened person.
Let live!
Ofer Berkovitch – come make some sense out of all this! [2]

[Selected Comments]:

– "I don't understand. Why did you all allow this person to ruin the event. He's not a police officer or something…."
– "Not half of the events – ALL of the events were shut down. We are furious!!"
– "Do you really think it's about who you chose for mayor?? It's about respect for the other. I'm tired of all these posts that want to start a war between brothers of the Jewish people."

▶️ Source: Jerusalemites Facebook Group
Editor's notes:
[1] Moshe Leon is the current mayor of Jerusalem. During the elections and afterwards Leon was back by many Haredi groups.
[2] Ofer Berkovitch is the head of the Jerusalem 'Hitorerut' party, one of two prominent pluralist parties in the city. The party largely represents young and secular residents. Ofer Berkovitch ran up against Moshe Leon is the last municipal elections.

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