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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem

0202 is excited two-fold!

Firstly, because it was recently our 4th birthday, and secondly, in honor of Woman’s Day, Michal was chosen by מיינט ירושלים – mynet Jerusalem as one of the 35 women that changed Jerusalem this past year!

“At a certain point I understood that I live in a certain Jerusalem, and I don’t even know what goes on with my neighbors that live in a different Jerusalem. That’s why I founded the 0202 non-profit foundation, which provides access to points of view from East, West and Haredi Jerusalem to each other, in Arabic and Hebrew, through Facebook, guided tours, meetings etc’ – with no specific interpretation of events or biased filtering of facts.

“Just like that, simply by seeing the other side. Incidentally, today we are celebrating our 4th year on air and this year we launched a new program for activities in Arabic and citizenship classes, using current affairs in Jerusalem. The foundation’s staff includes 45 people – Jews, Arabs, Haredi, ex-Haredi and secular – in short, a mini-Jerusalem.

[…] “Jerusalem is the world’s capital of tolerance. There are already many residents who promote tolerance and multi-culturalism in our city. We now need for people from within and from outside the city to see and know about this initiative, so that they can proudly say that there are many cultures and public spheres of common good in Jerusalem. We now need to spread the message for it to be heard above all the city’s rooftops, all over the country, and be seen by all eyes watching Zion.”

The full interview with Michal, and the other 34 women who were chosen, could be found here: https://goo.gl/Ssgs3X