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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


Settlers Attack A Young Man

"The young man Muhammad Sa'ud talks about his attack by settlers yesterday at his place of work at Jaffa street."

[A translation of part of the video:]
"In the name of Allah, the merciful and the gracious, my name is Muhammad Sa'ud, a resident of the Shu'afat refugee camp [1] , Old City, Gate of the Chain. Yesterday I encountered racism and violence by settlers on Jaffa Street. My work is cleaning and of course they cursed me and threw stones at me and I attacked them but I couldn't match their strength. They outnumbered me, they were seven settlers […] When I tried to call the police, they came and sprayed gas in my face. I then passed out, then I felt that I had a cut here [points to his stomach] […] and I also had a serious injury in my hand. I have broken bones in my hand, an injury in my eye and I have an injury, as you can see, on the neck, and have a leg injury, an old injury. All what happens to us is because of the occupation against us, and I hope we find a solution to this catastrophe that happens to all the guys who work at night or work in a place where settlers like this exist. "

[Translation Selected Comments:]
– "Get well soon bro, curse those who did this to you."
– [Response by Muhammad Saud] "All is well, brother, it's okay, thank God for everything."

▶️ Source: Wadi Hilwa Information Center – Silwan
0202 Editor's Note
[1] The Shu'afat refugee camp was established in 1965 by UNRWA and separated from the nearby Shu'afat neighborhood, which was annexed to the municipal jurisdiction of Jerusalem after the 1967 war, adding to the neighborhoods of Ras Khamis, Ras Shehadeh and Dahiyat A-Salam. The refugee camp suffers from high levels of crime, violence, and drug trafficking.

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