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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


Memorial Event for Ori Ansbacher

"On Friday Lilach called me and asked if I was interested in volunteering to help produce an event in memory of Ori Ansbacher [1] – I answered, "Just say what you need and I'm there". Let's jump to the end of the story – I have not experienced such energy for a long time. The producers of this event, some still mourning, some angry, some with mixed feelings and others with love, all came to this event to say 'NO to hatred and YES to light and love' – Amazing.
From Sunday morning, we worked nonstop to produce an event that we usually would have asked for at least two months to produce. This time we had only two days, large and distinguished artists, and logistical complexity, but one great desire to make the event as good as possible.
It was difficult, complex, humane – very humane! People were angry and loving, and truly touched – it was amazing! Thousands of people in the compound, what an experience. Thank you to all of the production team, to all the people in the municipality, the First Station, to the people of Tekoa and to all those who took part in the journey. May we in the future, have such events for happy and not sad reasons."

▶️ Source: Haggai Hirshman Productions
0202 Editor's note:
[1] Ori Ansbacher, a 19-year-old from the settlement Tekoa is a victim of a murder that took place in the Ein Yael forest in Jerusalem. The murder suspect is a Palestinian man.