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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


Rabbi Benny Lau's [1] Sermon Against the Right-Wing Unity [2]

“For Zion’s sake I will not hold my peace, and for Jerusalem’s sake I will not rest [Isaiah, 62, 1].
In the name of love of the Land of Israel, and for the sake of preserving the sovereignty of Israel, the Prime Minister chose to coax and tempt disciples of Rabbi Kook [3] of various factions, to stamp as kosher the abomination that is a racist ideology, and to assist in making sure that it enters the Knesset [parliament] of Israel. Coaxed them and succeeded.
It is against this spirit of evil and destruction that all the prophets of Israel called “You shed blood – and you will posses the Land?” (Ezekiel 33). How are you not ashamed to demand ownership of the Land of God, when you have turned that very same land to a place of disgrace. People of faith – have you lost faith in the simple belief that the Land of Israel will only be built with the clean hands and pure hearts of its residents? The impurity of the land and its corruption is a guarantee that it will be lost. Violence against the non-Jewish residents of this land is a violation of a covenant, a violation that undermines our habitation of this land. This doesn’t interest the Prime Minister. He cares only for winning these elections, nothing else. But people whose path and conduct is drawn from the Torah – for the sake of political survival, for the sake of positions and status – dare to introduce an ideology of race and violence into parliament. Oh, what has become of us?

[Selected Comments:]
– Well done! So rare to here a sane voice these days… How many rabbis have dared to stand up to the racist Kahanists? [4]

-We are fighting a murderous enemy, and not successfully.
The state fails repeatedly at achieving peace and security.
Portraying the views of ‘Utzma Yehudit’ as dangerous and violent racism is extremely unfair.

-You actually dare voice the cry of ‘You shed blood…’ in relation to Utzma Yehudit? You quote Ezekiel and use him to falsely blame Jews of murder? This isn’t even ‘lashon hara’ [5], this is slander, clear as day.

–A disgusting post.You attack the Rabbi for the saying the truth about this group of Kahanists that need to be outlawed. Utzma Yehudit is the exact opposite of what your god created. Kahane is dead, but he still lives among rotten apples in the Land of Israel.

▶️ Source: Rabbi Benny Lau
Editor's Notes:
[1] Rabbi Benny Lau is an Orthodox Rabbi, activist and public speaker.
[2] Recently, three right-wing National-Religious parties united in preparation for the upcoming elections. One of the parties, ״Otzma Yehudit״, is comprised of disciples of Rabbi Meir Kahane. Rabbi Kahane was founder of the Jewish Defense League and the Kach party in Israel. Kahane maintained the view that the majority of Arabs living in Israel are enemies of Jews and Israel itself, he believed that a Jewish theocratic state, where non-Jews have no voting rights, should be created. The Kach party has been banned by the Israeli government and the U.S. State Department has labeled it a Foreign Terrorist Organization.
[3] Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook is considered the spiritual father of National-Religious sector in Israel.
[4]Refers to disciples of Rabbi Kahane.
[5] A Hebrew Halachic term for derogatory speech about another person.

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