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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem

News Digest: Response to Murder of Young Woman Ori Ansbacher Z'L, 7.2.19


We will not accept the murder of our children as a decree of fate!
There are ways to fight terror!
Yesterday, Ori Ansbacher was murdered by a terrorist at Ein Yael.
Two years ago, our daughter Shir was murdered, alongside three officers at the terror attack in Armon HaNatziv [neighborhood].
Tomorrow it could be the son or daughter of any one of you.
We will not accept the murder of our daughter and of hundreds of other people as ordained by fate.
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, the Government of Israel, the prevention of the next terror attack is in your hands.
The state of Israel scares itself when it thinks of what will happen if we act with determination against the terrorists and the Palestinian Authority that funds, educates and incites to terror.
Stop being afraid and act determinedly, keep us, the citizens of Israel, safe. Enough!!!
It is possible and critical to prevent the murder of Jews with a few steps.
A disincentivizing package:
The death penalty for terrorists
Total and immediate destruction of the houses of terrorists
Deportation of the family of terrorists
Bodies of terrorists should not be returned to their families
Cancelling of benefits for the nuclear family of the terrorist
Cancelling of work permits of family members
Prohibition of releasing of terrorists in deals [between the PA and Israel]
Revocation of citizenship of the terrorists and involved family members.

▶️ Source: Meirav Hajaj, Mother of Shir Hajaj, Victim in Attack at Armon HaNatziv Promenade


Yosef Haim Ben David kidnaped and viciously killed Muhammad Abu Hadir as revenge for the kidnapping and killing of the three boys in 2014. I hope that that the horrific murder of 19 year old Uri Ansbacher doesn't cause any nutcase to get up and avenge her blood.
By the way, not everything publicized about the murder is correct.
May her memory be blessed.

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Me and my family are ushering in the shabbat to benefit the soul of Uri Ansbacher of blessed memory. Should no Jewess know of any further pain or grief. Shabbat Shalom.

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