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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


Israeli Eurovision Contenders Drop Out

"Give me a minute.
Eurovision will be in Israel.
We are the host country.
We have the Shalva Band that is amazing. [1]
Why can't the European Union respect our religion?
I did not ask them not to rehearse on Saturday or Friday or whatever.
But give the Shalva Band the respect it deserves.
This is the State of Israel.
This is our choice if they are elected.
You are coming here …
We are not going to you.
You keep saying:
'Respect the other, accept the other.'
And what do you do ??
Prevent the other from performing, literally!"

▶️ Posted in 'Jerusalemites' FB Group

[Selected Comments]:
– "It is a little chutzpah of Shalva to participate in an international competition that isn't Jewish and expect the rules to be changed just for them. They have to adapt to the competition they're participating in.
If it is so important for them to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest, then they can desecrate Shabbat once. If you are not ready to desecrate Shabbat, it is probably not that important to them and they have achieved their own goal – exposure. You need to make sacrifices for your dreams. You can't eat your cake and have it too!"
– "I disagree! Well done to the Shalva Band for sticking to their beliefs!"

0202 Editor's note:
[1] The Shalva Band להקת שלוה is a band of young adult musicians with various disabilities. The band recently decided to withdraw from 'HaKochav Haba' (lit. The Next Star) TV show competition, the winner of which will be Israel's candidate in this year's Eurovision which will be held in Tel Aviv. The Shalva Band decided to withdraw from 'Hakochav Haba' rather than potentially facing the dilemma of performing on the Sabbath (which is forbidden according to Orthodox interpretations of Jewish Law) as part of Eurovision.

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