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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


“#I_Only_Have_A_Dream that our standards of what is worthy and unworthy of condemnation or praise, of awarding or boycotting, of encouraging a gag reflex will not be based solely on what is or is not within the scope of the law and the legal definitions.
We have healthy logic and great intuitions to know when certain behavior is crossing the line, and when power-brokers use it manipulatively and egotistically, or just without thinking about it at all, to exploit those below them in the food chain. The corridors of the Knesset, the media, the main stages and more, are filled with people who have not crossed the bar of criminal behavior but are totally worthy of everyone's scorn , and certainly not a prize. [1]
When all of the artists in Israel choose to award a prize to the man whose visual image sits next to his father while they both receive blowjobs from young admirers will probably never be removed from my mind!
All of you, you who were ELECTED, spit on us and the basic right of every boy and girl, every woman and man to live in a safe and respectful environment. Instead, the elected only affirm masculinity and human behavior that is aggressive, exploitative, offensive and repulsive.
Let's make a loud voice that says ‘Ugh’. Sign the petition in response, share the hashtag #I_Only_Have_A_Dream. Let's mark the line."

[Translation of Text in Photo]: "As she conducted oral sex on me, I felt that something was wrong, and I wasn't sure about her age, something about her excitement was off…" [2]

– Mia Biran
0202 Editor's:
[1] Eyal Golan, a greatly popular singer was investigated but never charged for sexual offenses in connection with a minor, received an award from Likud MK Nava Boker, alongside a group of other Israeli singers. The artist, who was convicted of tax evasion and sentenced in 2014 to community service, was never charged with sexual crimes. But his father, Dani Biton, was convicted and sentenced for a scheme in which he lured young female fans of his son and led them into prostitution.
[2] Quote from Eyal Golan's police investigation.