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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


News Digest: Palestinian teenager Ahed A-Tamimi Charged

“Prosecutors for the [Israeli] Occupation charge teenager Ahed A-Tamimi with multiple counts in a military court today [January 2, 2018]; she has been detained for over two weeks.”

– Al-Quds Media Center

“The Occupation issued a 12-count indictment against the young prisoner Ahed A-Tamimi.”

– Jerusalem First

"The video shows Ahed A-Tamimi during [just prior to] her court hearing yesterday [January 1, 2018], alongside her mother and her cousin Noor [1]."

-Eye on Palestine News

“An Occupation court charges [Palestinian] prisoner Ahed A-Tamimi with ‘stone throwing and assaulting Occupation soldiers.’”

– Quds News Network

[Selected Comments:]

– “Ahed A-Tamimi revives the hearts of men who see her courage is greater than their own; she fills the shoes of all the treacherous, camel- herding Arab leaders.”
– “They [the Israelis] can say what they want, write what they want and decide whatever they please as long as we [Palestinians] remain unwilling to lift a finger.”
– “And now she [Ahed] will miss a whole school year [from being imprisoned] because her parents used her as a prop to become famous. ‘Come darling, let me take a picture of you while you scream and hit.’ They never cared about the harm they were causing her. May God release her from jail and release all our prisoners whom we should focus more on than this little girl who did not free the Al-Aqsa Mosque! You should talk about all prisoners for God’s sake!”

0202 Editor's Note:
[1] Ahed A-Tamimi is a Palestinian teenager from the town of Nabi Saleh, and is one of four women from her family who has been arrested in the past two weeks including her mother and cousin. Ahed's was arrested after a video of her confronting an Israeli soldier outside her home went viral.

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