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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


“Concepts that I would like to disappear from the world:
* ‘Place-making’
* ‘Urban renewal’
*Cultural events with 5 artists, 5 crates and 5 pomelos (and a 3-word title that follows each word like: ‘Art, Culture, Food’)
Enough with this Neo-Liberal chatter!”

– Rinat Edelstein

[Selected Comments]:

– “What is ‘Neo-Liberalism’?”
– [Rinat in response]: “In general, an economic policy that includes privatization, cutbacks in transfer payments, liberalization of trade, dismissal of employees or deterioration of employment conditions in the public sector accompanied by ideological arguments based on ‘liberalism’. Or in other words – a policy that wants to show liberalism, ‘openness’ and public participation when in fact the state removes responsibility from itself for things it, in fact, needs to worry about.”
— “But if you are talking about the project they did in Talpiot or ‘Art Bnb’, both of them are a socialist product (from a financial point of view)…”
— [Rinat in response]: “I’ll try answer to your examples…. If the municipality wants to make a change, but really make a change, they should consult with the best professional minds and with the public! But do not just consult with the public but rather do a thorough, in-depth study – ask and answer with a broad view of how to improve the appearance of the city. It takes time, resources and a long-term plan. Ah, but neoliberal politics love instant results, it loves to invest some money and to get a lot of public relations. The quality of the products does not interest anyone but only the image. The two events you mentioned will disappear as they came; they have not changed anything. Do you think it's a coincidence that these two events happened in December? (Hint: the calendar year ends). They gave a group of people some money to do nothing….how can I say this clearly: it's like a band-aid for a heart attack. But it looks good on the posters, and they write about it for a week, but the ugliness will remain. Maybe even more so. So they are not supposed to be municipal officials, so the public is part of the process. Sometimes it's international too (wow! Instagram). Did I manage to explain? It's not in favor of capitalism, and it's not socialist, it's bullshit, and it's a waste of public money. And as I said, I hope that this trend will disappear from the world.”
—“And what will the ‘creative’ sector do … mmm?”
— [In response]:
“Everyone will move to Tel-Aviv or Berlin”
“They can have a conference ‘Jerusalem. Art.’ XD”