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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"We Won -The Egged Monopoly is Over! [1]

Tomorrow, two new tenders will be published for public transportation in Jerusalem. The new operators will operate 80 bus lines in Jerusalem, which comprises 60% of the city's bus routes. 40% will remain in the hands of Egged.

This will include express lines from Har Homa, Gilo, Tel Aviv, Katamon, Pisgat Ze'ev, and Kiryat Yovel through Begin Road to Givat Shaul and Har Hotzvim. Additional lines will operate from Ramot to Givat Shaul and Mount Scopus, as well an express line from the light-rail to the Western Wall.

Hours of operation will be extended until 02:30 in the morning.
There will be 600 new buses and 200 electric buses.
And much more coming to Jerusalem.

Thanks to the Ministry of Transport Yisrael Katz and the Ministry of Finance.

And thank you to you all for being part of this campaign!”

– Elad Malka

0202 Editor’s note:
[1] Egged is the largest transit bus operator in Israel. Egged has held the monopoly over inner-city bus transportation in Israel.

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