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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem

News Digest: Recent Attacks in Givat Asaf and Ofra [1]


[The video clip shows the funeral of one of the soldiers that were killed.]

"Thousands of Jerusalemites have come to say goodbye to the hero that was murdered yesterday. Right-wing, left-wing, Haredi, secular or religious – it doesn’t matter.

We’ve all come together – one heart, one nation – to say goodbye to him.
Wow, this is so touching.
Jerusalemites, there are no words!!!"

– Jerusalemites FB Group

[Selected Comments:]
– "Breaks my heart. May he rest in peace."
– "There’s no end to this. A different victim every day. Hard to hear about this, and hard to see this. May he rest in peace, and may God avenge him."


"He is in the womb for seven months.
You feel every moment, his every breath.
He was supposed to be in the womb for nine months.
But he was only there for seven months because evil, cruel murderers shot his mother and tried to murder her.

Rest dear baby.
It seems like you were brought here to wake up the Nation of Israel.

Ami’ad Israel Ish-Ran, may God avenge his blood

A day-old baby was murdered, and the murderers still run free.
My condolences to the Ish-Ran family."

– Jerusalemites FB Group

[Selected Comments:]
– "There is no nation more vulgar than a nation that murders babies and women. A nation of cowards that murders a woman and runs shoots a pregnant woman and runs. That is what you look like, that is your face. And we don't hear one word in condemnation because that is who you are. You are the kind of people that eat at someone’s house and then stab him the minute he turns his back – because you were born and will die a depraved nation."
– "Oh, my heart is in pieces."
– "My heart is shattered to pieces! How can we stand this pain? When will this stop?"


"Shooting a pregnant woman in the belly will not free Palestine."

– Sarah Tuttle-Singer [2]

[Selected Comments:]
– "Yes, it will definitely not liberate Palestine. But we all know the real cause of this violence and hatred which is the Occupation and the absence of a real political solution. Why should we cry after each incident and don't work on the main problem."
— "We should cry after EVERY incident of violence TOGETHER. We who cry are the ones who will make a difference. Because the 'real' problem is Jew hatred. We have to live together. Like, Palestinians in Israel and Jews in Palestine together."


“'Jewish Blood is not Worthless.'

More than a thousand people protested in front of the Prime Minister’s Residence. The demonstrators protested the deterioration in security and the terror attack in which Sgt Yuval Mor Yusef and Sgt Yusef Cohen, may they rest in peace, were murdered.

– MyNet Jerusalem


"The Hebrew media reported the death of the baby whose settler mother was injured in the sacrificial attack [3] in Ofra last Sunday [December 9th, 2018].

The settler was in her seventh month of pregnancy and was wounded by the bullet of the freedom fighter, who left the area immediately after the shooting. [The shooting] forced her to give birth early, which led to the baby's death today [December 13th, 2018], while her condition remained stable. "
– The Qalandiya Media Center

[Selected comments:]
-"Whatever, their dead are in hell. They are not better than us. An eye for an eye."
-"Ok, good"

0202 Editor's Note:
[1] On Sunday, December 9th, 2018, seven Israelis were wounded in a shooting near the Ofra Junction in the West Bank. Among the wounded was Shira Ish-Ran, a 21-year-old Israeli woman who was seven months pregnant. Her son posthumously named Amiad Israel [lit. my nation Israel will endure] was born after an emergency C-section, but died on Wednesday December 12th 2018. On Thursday December 18th, two Israeli soldiers, Staff Sgt. Yovel Mor Yosef, 20 and Sgt. Yosef Cohen, 19 were killed in a shooting outside of Givat Assaf, a settlement outpost in the central West Bank. A third soldier, Netanel Felber is still in a critical condition.
[2] Sarah Tuttle-Singer is the New Media Editor at The Times of Israel and a popular Jerusalemite blogger.
[3] In the description of the attack in Arabic, the word 'Fida'i' is used. This literally means 'a person who sacrifices his life for a target or a warrior who sacrifices his life'. In the Palestinian discourse, the word is used to mean 'freedom fighter'.

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