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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"An important update. The amendment to the Jerusalem Protection law passed today; the law demands that every proposition to divide Jerusalem be passed by a super-majority of 80 votes. But, and it’s a big but, changing the law itself doesn’t require a super-majority, and it can be changed with just 61 votes. That means that if the day comes, and an Israeli government wants to divide Jerusalem, it would only take the head of the coalition about two weeks of work [to bring about a change in this law].

You might remember that Jonathan Lis and I revealed that Minister Elkin installed a small landmine in the law that’s meant to allow him to execute his plan to break up the current Jerusalem municipality, and to put the neighborhoods that are outside the separation wall under a different municipality. In a nighttime discussion, that included MK Smotrich, MK Be’eri and others, the far right managed to force Elkin to take out the clause that’s meant to enable the plan.

This means that the plan can still be executed, but now Elkin will have to present it to the Knesset; a decision of the Minister of Interior won’t be enough. In my opinion, this makes it a lot more complicated, and the big question (that will decide the future of a 100 thousand residents that live on the other side of the wall) is 'will the current coalition, and Netanyahu, have enough energy for the endeavor called municipal division?'. I estimate that they don’t."

– Nir Hasson, Journalist, Writes a blog about current events in Jerusalem

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-“Nice, now the leaders of the bluff have bluffed themselves.”

For more on this topic, see: https://goo.gl/cDPBvv, https://goo.gl/NaK1HH

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