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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem

Crosspost on the International Day for the Prevention of Violence Against Women


"On Sunday, the Prevention of Violence Against Women Day, there was a meeting with several different activities for a few groups of woman and younger girls for the 'Footsteps' project, with the coordinator Wilaa Dweik, in the 'Children of Al-Quds' center."

– Manba Ebnaa Al-Quds



# I'm_A_Woman_and_I’ll_Strike

** 4.12 Do not go to work and demand an immediate solution to violence against women **

Arabic ↡

In the last year, an unimaginable number of 24 women were killed because they are women.
The cries of women are buried under the silence of the government, which refuses to take responsibility and change the situation. Time after time they bury programs, ignore the victims and leave half of the population unsafe.
We are in a state of emergency, this is the time, if we do not wake up now we will never wake up.
Murder is the extreme point of being harassed in the street, at work or at home-it is the tip of the iceberg of wage gaps, of offensive remarks, of wills, of women being coerced into low-paying professions, of women in prostitution, of gender education in schools. This is the result of violence and gender discrimination that we all feel every day and every space.
If you're a woman, you're inside. If you are a man, join.”

– Hosted By ‘Matzav Hirum’ and ‘I'm A Woman I'm Going on Strike' [1]

“Emanuel Shilo, the editor of ‘Besheva’ [2], published a column in his newspaper entitled "Men suffer more violence , so why are they always talking about violence against women?" In which he came out against the International Day for the Prevention of Violence Against Women. The column was also published on Facebook – http://bit.ly/2r64R6D.

There is a lot to say about what he has written. Among other things, one should wonder about the choice of selective data, the question of who actually combats some of the phenomena he describes (such as the death of construction workers), the "Jewish family values" and their attitude toward women, the close-mindedness of the editor of a national newspaper…[…]”

– Aviad Houminer Rosenblum

[Selected Comments]:

– “Why not just a day for the prevention of violence in general? Why does it matter who gets harmed?”
– [in response]: “Why is there a memorial day for fallen IDF soldiers and not for everyone? The Day of the Blind and the Day of the Deaf and another thousand and one. Almost every human phenomenon can be included within a more general definition, yet we exclude the phenomena that we think have a special identity. Violence against women is unique in its history, its scope, its place in the society, and is carried out mainly by one side towards the other.”
0202 Editor’s note:
[1] ‘Matzav Hirum’ is a political group that hosts protest on different issues. ‘I'm A Woman I'm Going on Strike' is a women's rights group.
[2] Besheva is a Religious-Zionist weekly newspaper.