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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem

News Digest: Prominent Palestinians Arrested in Jerusalem


"The Occupation forces summoned Al-Quds [Jerusalem] Minister Adnan A-Husseini and the vice governor of Jerusalem, Abdallah Siam, for questioning."

– Al-Quds News Network [November 29 10:30 AM]


"Massive pressures to release the person accused of selling real estate to settlers [1]. The [Palestinian Authority] leadership continues its ongoing war against tenants.

High-level sources report that the Palestinian leadership and the General Intelligence Directorate were under pressure to release the detainee who was accused of selling real estate to settlers.

The sources said that the head of the General Intelligence Directorate, Major Majed Faraj, and Fatah Central Committee representative Hussein Al-Sheikh received threats that serious actions would be taken against them.

The sources added that the ridiculous arrests carried out by the Occupation authorities against members of the Fatah movement and security forces, including the governor of Al-Quds Adnan Gheith [2], are aimed at exerting pressure to release the accused real estate thief.

The sources added that what is happening in Jerusalem is, in fact, an all-out war over the authority and existence of the Palestinian leadership and that the Occupation wants to erase any Palestinian symbols or presence in Jerusalem.

[The sources] condemned the insane campaign of distortion done by a number of suspects against the national symbols, the national security leadership and offers, in order to harm the trust between the residents and the institutions, and to harm the morale of our people, especially in Jerusalem in order to pass the Occupation plans for a handful of dollars.

[…] The sources stressed that all the pressures exerted by the United States and the Occupation authorities will never [succeed] in forcing the Palestinian leadership to change its position on the political level and on all levels. "

– Al-Quds [November 29 1:27 PM]


"The Occupation extended the governor of Jerusalem's detention until Sunday [December 2], and deputy secretary of Fatah's detention until Monday [December 3]."

– Palestine Toy [November 29 4:07 PM]


"Israel ceased security cooperation with the Palestinian Authority because of the PA's arrest of a suspect in the secret sale of real estate in Jerusalem

Informed sources reported that Israel officially decided to stop security cooperation with the Palestinian Authority in areas under the PA's administrative control in occupied East Jerusalem. This was in response to the fact that the Palestinian security forces detained Issam Aqel, who is accused of transferring and selling real estate in Jerusalem to Israeli settlement groups.

According to informed sources, the Israeli decision means that the Palestinian security forces will not be allowed to enter Area B [3] in order to supervise security or carry out arrests. This includes the areas of Abu Dis, 'Eizariya, Arab A-Jahalin, and East Sawahrah. In addition, the decision means a complete ban on the presence of Palestinian policemen or security personnel in these areas."

– Al-Quds

0202 Editor's Note:
[1] The term Settlers often refers to Israeli Jews living in territory under the authority of the PA. Many times it is used to refer to all Israeli Jews, regardless of their place of residence.
[2] Adnan Gheith is the governor of Jerusalem on behalf of the Palestinian Authority. For a previous post about his arrest, see: https://bit.ly/2Qbnyoo
[3] Area B is territory under the administrative control of the PA and the control of the Israeli security, as stipulated in the Oslo Accords.

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