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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


Black Friday in Jerusalem Digest

[Video of counters of Zara on Friday, November 23]

"Zara today."

– Jerusalemites FB Group

[Selected Comments:]
– “Horrifying”
– “This looks like the monkeys’ cage at the zoo.”
– “They’re insane.”
– “Sick people. [The stores] trick everyone and they buy it.”
– “Lol, ridiculous”
– “Where are you in there? Lol!”

[Attached was an image showing an inspector writing tickets to cars parked on the sidewalk]

“Happy Black Friday to all the Jerusalemites that parked outside Malha Mall.”

– Jerusalemites FB Group

[Selected Comments:]
– “Everyone that didn’t park outside had to physically fight for a spot inside.”
– “There are no handouts in this land, even in the holy city.”
– “He wrote a ticket to my father who’s disabled, and [whose car] has a Disability sign.”
– “Lol, whatever they saved inside during Black Friday, the police took – Despicable.”