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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem

News Digest: East Jerusalemites React to Municipality Elections


"We will not participate in elections of those who destroy our homes and kill our children." [1]

– Ask Jerusalem

[Video Translation:]
"Good morning from the polling place of the Occupation municipality in Ras Al-Amud. There is neither belief nor faith in these elections, and no one goes to vote. We in Jerusalem boycott the elections."

[Selected Comments:]
– "Hey man, see what's written on the school? Mifaal HaPais [2]. Maybe write: We will never teach our children in a school built by the Israeli National Lottery."

[In response] – "Honorable sister, most of the schools in Jerusalem are under the Occupation municipality. Mifal HaPais, and many Zionist organizations supported by the Occupation municipality divide our people."

[Answer] – "Well, if you want to oppose the existence of the Occupation in Jerusalem, then you should oppose all aspects of it. Don't just oppose election participation while agreeing with other things connected with the Occupation."

– "Well, why is it accpetable to vote in the North and in Jerusalem it's forbidden? Here, Sheikh Raed Salah [3] also votes as usual."

[Answer] – "Because in Jerusalem the faith is stronger than the entire North." 😁😁 "


"Very important:
Anyone who doesn't find his place for the elections or the party's ballot at the polling center must contact us directly either by phone or in the comments."

– Ramadan Dabash's [4] Facebook Page

[Selected Comments:]
– "May [Allah] grant you health. It doesn't appear there's any place to vote here in A-Thawry [5]."

Graphitti against voting in East Jerusalem] [1].

“’Elections are treason’. ‘Voting is treason.’
These slogans were put up on the walls of the city of Jerusalem, and on the doors of the voting centers of the Occupation’s municipality.”

– Wadi Hilweh Information Center-Silwan

0202 Editor's Notes:
[1] Voting is a controversial issues for Palestinians in Jerusalem who can only vote in municipal elections. Most Palestinians feel that participating in Israeli elections legitimizes Israel’s control over Jerusalem.
[2] Mifal HaPais is Israel's national lottery. Through lottos, Mifal HaPais raises money from the public, some of which is used to fund educational and sports buildings.
[3] Sheikh Raed Salah is a prominent Palestinian political and religious leader. He is the head of the northern branch of the Islamic movement in Israel.
[4] Dr. Ramadan Dabash is a Muslim resident of East Jerusalem ran in the Jerusalem municipality elections under his Jerusalem al-Baladi party [Jerusalem – Our Home] party.
[5] Abu Tur, also known as A-Thawry, is a neighborhood that was split between Israel and Jordan until 1967. Since then, it is a mixed Jewish-Arab neighborhood.

#Elections #Jerusalem_Municipality #Politics #Boycott الدكتور رمضان دبش Dr. Ramadan Dabash