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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"Zahava Shaul, the mother of captured soldier Oron Shaul, appealed to Hamas leader in Gaza, Yehya Sinwar."
– Mukaber Net

[Translation of video:]
"Yahya Sinwar, my son Oron is [captured] in your hands, and I have no information about his fate. Not from your side nor from the Israeli goverment. We, the citizens, pay the price of the violent conflict between the two sides – this price is unbearable.

My life has not been a life since July 20, 2014. I do not wish for any mother, whether Israeli or Palestinian, to go through what I have gone through since that cursed day. I turned to the Israeli Goverment and now I turn to you with the same request: return my son Oron. Yahya Sinwar, I know of the hard humatirian crises that Gazan citizens are in. I do not desire to ask of my goverment to make the situation harder on the Gazan citizens. They do not have to pay the price of this conflict. Rather the opposite, I believe it is of great importance to calm souls and to [encourage] solutions that make peoples' lives, on both sides, easier. Enough! This is the time for both sides to get along with early conditions, so we can move forward to a general solution.

In return to our sons, and activities that encourage humane steps, Israel can free the captives. I turn to you to offer the Israeli Goverment a deal to return my son to me, with all the sons that you have with you. I turn to you to stop another violent conflict between the two sides, so that the lives of citizens from both sides of the border can be bearable. This is a deal that every leader and goverment should work to encourage."

[Translation of Selected Comments:]
– "I'll give a call to Sinwar to let your son go … Wait a few minutes and he will come back to you, bigshot.
-"Did anyone ask you to let your son go to fight? Now she's sucking up, but when her son was a fighter, she was proud of him."
– "Mothers really pay the price of wars in the loss of their sons."

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