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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"Beating and dragging women and people of the community…Occupation forces harass the people of Al-Khan Al-Ahmar to expel them from their lands
Filmed by Hisham Abu Shaqra"

– Al-Quds News Network

"The names of those arrested in Al-Khan Al-Ahmar today
Mohamed Ibrahim Abu Dalouk
Ahmed Ibrahim Abu Dalouk
Talib Yusef Jahalin
Ahmed Musa Abu Dahouk
Mahmoud Odeh Jahalin
Sarah Mohamed Abu Dahuk
Nasser Jafar – the province of Fatah
Murad Shteiwi – Wall Resistance Commission
Rami Khawalda – Wall Resistance Commission
Hassan Qandil – Wall Resistance Commission
Karim Jibran – B'Tselem"

– Anata News – Jerusalem

"A viewpoint on the issue of Al-Khan Al-Ahmar:
'There is a real problem with dealing with Al-Khan Al-Ahmar, we can simplify the matter and deal with it like any other national issue for a few days, following which we'll forget the matter. Meanwhile the matter is in actuality much more complicated what some would think. The lands of Al-Khan Al-Ahmar is in the geographical region of our town # Anata and since 1967 the Occupation has been working to split the people of this area and isolate it to the extent that some are surprised when we say this is Anata. For years, it has been inhabited by Bedouin communities that would have protected this land in the absence of the actual owner of the land. Intentionally or unintentionally – we do not know – but what's important is that we did not lose Al-Khan today but lost it when the separation wall began in 2002 and when our village was cut off from all its surroundings and cutting it off from reaching Jericho geographically. For me, it is impossible to talk about Al-Khan Al-Ahmar without talking about Anata. The plot is one and the goal is one … It should be mentioned that the project of displacing the residents of Al-Ahmar is part of the Occupation's greater Jerusalem project, which seeks to sever all Palestinians from that area entirely by establishing a new street around Anata. Anata reaches the center of the West Bank and then connects to the settlements of the area along the Khan area to Ma'ale Adumim settlement. For those who do not know the size of the tragedy that has befallen us, know that the occupation established more than six settlements on Anata alone, all of which are considered part of the E1 project that can't be dropped. I know that the issue of Al-Khan Al-Ahmar, like the rest of our national issues, will take attention from us before it will be forgotten, but remember that this tragedy will not stop until it reaches us all if it is not remedied … "

– Anata News

"Hamas: 'The Occupation's crimes in Al-Khan Al-Ahmar must be answered for today and igniting a mass uprising in all of Palestine, as the dignity of our people above every reckoning.'"

– Al-Quds News Network

0202 Editor's notes:
Al-Khan Al-Ahmar (or Khan Al-Ahmar) is a Bedouin settlement located in the West Bank near the Israeli settlement of Ma’aleh Adumim. In May 2018, the High Court of Justice authorized the Israeli Civil Administration to evacuate the Bedouin community, transfer the residents from their homes and relocate them.