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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


1/7 Mayoral Candidates to Attend Jerusalem Pride Parade

"Only one candidate for the position of mayor, out of seven, will attend the Pride Parade in Jerusalem
Avi Salman [1]: ‘I won’t be attending. There should be a discussion regarding the continuance of the yearly parade.’
Moshe Leon [2]: ‘I won’t be attending, but the parade will continue to be held while I am mayor.’
Zeev Elkin [3]: ‘I have never attended the parade, and that isn’t going to change.’
Yossi Havilio [4]: ‘I will be attending and will march with proudly.’
Ofer Berkovitch [5]: ‘We will visit the location of the murder of Shira Banki, may she rest in peace. [6]’
Rachel Azaria [7]: ‘We need to learn to live here together.’"

– myNet Jerusalem

[Selected Comments:]
– "Holding the parade is especially important in a city like ours. […]"
– "Whoever doesn’t respect the LGBT community won’t respect the other communities of the city. Well done to Havilio who will be attending because he isn’t religious, and it doesn’t contradict his way of life. And yes, well done to Moshe Leon who said that he won’t be attending because it isn’t compatible with his beliefs, but will continue to make sure that the community marches if he is elected. Regarding the rest? It truly is a shame, because this is a subject that looks minor, but is actually extremely vital to the cooperation between the city’s sectors."
– "Hi Avi [Salman, one of the candidates], it’s Ran, your gay cousin.
I’m ashamed to read your response, your refusal to attend the parade, and your excuse. Your answer is full of timidity and attempts to avoid complexity.
You claim to support and respect the community? Where were you when I turned to you to help the Dinner R&R restaurant that was torched because the owners are a lesbian couple? It’s easy to fall back on the LGBT community for support, but it’s even easier to give answers that will gratify the Haredim and try to win the approval of everyone. Not only will you not attend, you will discuss whether it should continue. (How exactly will you act to our benefit as mayor? By hiding the LGBT community or removing it? Maybe you should open a conversion center with the Haredim).
[…] You don’t represent Jerusalem, and certainly not the Salman family.
Good luck."

0202 Editor's Notes:
[1] Avi Salman is a candidate for mayor in Jerusalem’s municipality elections. Since 2006 he has served the Jerusalem municipality in a number of senior positions including Director of Business Development and City Attorney.
[2] Moshe Leon is an Israeli municipality politician. He ran for mayor of Jerusalem in 2013 but lost to incumbent mayor Nir Barkat. In August 2015, Leon joined the municipal coalition and the faction of Mayor Nir Barkat. As part of the coalition agreement signed between the two, he began to serve as a member of the city administration and as the holder of the community management portfolio. He declared his candidacy for the 2018 municipality election aims to form a coalition of Haredim, non-Haredi religious Jews, and the secular community.
[3] Ze’ev Elkin is a Member of Knesset and the Minister for Jerusalem Affairs. He is a member of the Likud party. He recently announced his candidacy for mayor in Jerusalem’s upcoming municipality elections.
[4] Yossi Havilio is a candidate for mayor in Jerusalem’s municipality elections. His campaign focuses on the lack of pluralism in Jerusalem, high cost of living, and lack of employment opportunities.
[5] Ofer Berkovitch is head of the Jerusalem 'Hitorerut' party, one of two prominent pluralist parties in the city. Hitorerut (lit. Awakening) is a party in Jerusalem municipal politics based off of principles of pluralism and ensuring residents stay in the city. The party largely represents young and secular residents. Ofer Berkovitch is running for mayor in the upcoming elections.
[6] Shira Banki was murdered by a Haredi man during the Pride Parade in Jerusalem in 2015.
[7]Rachel Azaria is a candidate for mayor in Jerusalem’s municipality elections. She is currently serving as a member of the Knesset for the Kulanu Party. She previously served as deputy mayor and member of the Jerusalem City Council.

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