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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


New Digest about the strike yesterday [October 1st, 2018]:

“A general strike in the Old City, occupied Jerusalem, in protest to the national law approved by the government.”

– Anata, Jerusalem News

“Just a quick word to start the morning

So okay, everyone is striking. Shops, schools
Striking is okay, you say a national duty then fine’

Is there anyone who explained to their parents, the family and the children why the strike is happening ???
What is its reason ??
Or this is just a day off [for you] and that’s it !!!!
All right, there’s a strike and we’ve committed to it … okay
And Jerusalem ??
Its mosques, its streets, its walls, its shops ???
Al-Quds [Jerusalem], gentlemen
Al-Quds ”

-Shuafat Camp – Jerusalem

“An issue for discussion
What do we benefit from the strike and the suspension of studies for students in schools and universities, and the closure of all commercial centers and all areas of life …?
I wish we would discuss awareness and culture and with manners
And disagreements will not spoil the issue … ”

[Selected comments:]
– “In relation to the strike, it is the most failed way to express our stand because it only affects [things] negatively.”

-“It may be that the goal is not clear and the majority does not understand why they are striking but everyone is striking and you will come and announce normal work, why? Just let it go.

-“When we make a decision all of us as a nation and carry it out, it shows the occupier that we are one together and our word is one, and the strike is such a kind of refusal, even if they do not know at least it seems to them that we refuse this decision instead of showing them that we are not worried and continue life as usual. ”

-“It’s good for me to sleep for six, seven hours more … And politically speaking, it will not matter to them.”

-The strike is a form of refusal and rebellion … But it will not succeed without meeting the lines of our requests and demonstrations

– Mukaber Net
Editor’s Note:
“The law also declares that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, sets the Hebrew calendar as the official calendar of the state, and recognizes Independence Day, days of remembrance and Jewish holidays. One clause of the bill downgrades the Arabic language from official to “special” standing[…]” To read more about this in Times of Israel, see: http://katzr.net/84c32b

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