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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem

News Digest: Yehuda Glick’s Wife Passed Away

"The funeral of my dearly beloved Yafi will be today at 3:30p.m. at Har HaMenuchot in Givat Shaul, Jerusalem."

– Yehuda Glick

[Select Comments:]
-"We share your pain!"
-"Blessed is the true judge [1]. May comfort come from heaven."
-"May her memory be a blessing. [1]"
-"Respected and righteous MK Yehuda, a warrior of freedom and justice. We share in your sorrow and in your family's sorrow; and feel your pain. May you be spared from any other grief."

“The wife of extremist Yehuda Glick [3] has passed away. Yehuda Glick is well known for leading groups of settlers to infiltrate Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

– Al-Quds Media Center

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-"I hope her husband [Yehuda Glick] follows suit. Then their whole terrible family will be buried in the ground and we will be rid of them.”
-“The worst thing in the world is to celebrate when someone else dies because whatever that person did in this world, they are no longer in it; whether the deceased did good or bad, his reckoning is with God in the next life. I urge everyone not to confine our [Palestinian] issue to names and people because our issue is of a greater conflict of ideology between extreme Zionism and the ideology of liberation in all of Arabia, and not just in Palestine.”

-Ramallah News

0202 Editor's Notes:
[1] A typical statement in response to death said to comfort a mourner.
[2] Yehuda Glick is a member of Knesset from the governing Likud Party and campaigns heavily on the topic of allowing Jews to pray in the Al-Aqsa Mosque complex. This made him a target for Muslims who feel that allowing Jews to pray there would be a breach of the fragile status quo.
For a previous 0202 post about Yehuda Glick, see: https://goo.gl/vYXGb8

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