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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


News Digest: Lack of Food at Municipal Summer Camps

"Shameful: This is the breakfast that Jerusalemite Children received at their summer camp.

A number of summer camps opened this morning (Sunday), and were immediately flooded by comments from enraged parents who discovered that in many kindergartens, the municipality budgeted 8 grams of cheese and 8 grams of tuna per child.

‘It’s shameful that someone thinks a spoonful of cheese is enough for a child’, said Nir Zuaretz, a father and an activist in the city. The municipality said,‘starting tomorrow, we will increase the quantities supplied to camps who complained about a lack of food on the first day of summer’."

– mynet Jerusalem

"This is what the priorities of the Jerusalem Municipality look like. This is the breakfast that was supplied for 22 children participating in a municipal summer camp.

I invite you all to visit the offices of the mayor and his deputies, and be impressed by the variety [of food] that is supplied to elected officials. In four months [after the municipal elections], we will change the municipality’s priorities. These priorities were set by Nir Barkat [1] and his partners during the past nine years.

Dear Jerusalemite parents,

Trust me, this will not repeat itself next year. We won’t let something as shameful as this happen again."

– Arieh King, City Council Member [2]

[Selected Comments:]
– "Why wait four months? Why not start now? Are you saying that you are going to spend the coming four months doing nothing?"
– [Arieh King in response:] "This post is already doing something, but in four months, when our party receives four or five seats on the city council, we will change the way the municipal system thinks. We will make the residents a top priority again."

– "Jerusalem, with its current deficit can’t afford to give anything away. In Jerusalem, too much money is invested in tourism and in festivals. In Jerusalem, neighborhoods that are disconnected from the city are built, and they only generate expenses – no income. Instead of building dense, mix-purpose projects that are suitable for pedestrians, huge concrete monsters are being built everywhere. If Jerusalem wants to become a normal city, we should stop building new neighborhoods, offices, and hi-tech complexes. Instead, they should improve infrastructure in existing neighborhoods. Neither you, nor Nir Barkat, are aware of all this. What is expected for Jerusalem? If either of you hold the reins there will only be more expenses and less income."

0202 Editor's Notes:
[1]Nir Barkat is the two-term mayor of Jerusalem and has been in office since 2008. Formerly working in the high-tech industry, since the beginning of his political career in 2003 when he founded the local party Yerushalayim Tatzliach (lit. Jerusalem Will Succeed) he has had political backing from varying political parties in Israel across the political spectrum. He is currently a member of the Likud, a party on the center-right of the Israeli political spectrum.
[2] Arieh King is a member of Jerusalem city council and the founder of the Israel Land Fund whose mission is to “acquire land,” in East Jerusalem and around Israel, “of strategic national importance as well as areas of historical and religious value to the Jewish people.”

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