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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"For the third year in a row, we're witnessing the routine decline of relations between the treasury and the municipality, at the expense of Jerusalem and its residents. For the third year in a row, Barkat is flexing his muscles to the treasury. [1]

Kahlon isn't perfect, but if, year after year, you can't figure out how to communicate with one of the senior ministers in the national government, go after him personally insulting him (in a disgusting manner, in my opinion), and then spread trash in the streets; then there is a problem with the mayor's behavior. After all, in 2015 you ran a similar campaign and apologized. In 2016, you tried [the same methods] and it didn't work. Why try the same stupid actions again this year too?

Sit down together face-to-face and find a solution! What is with this messed up behavior? Trash in the streets? Signs around the city? It's a joke, it's totally out of line, and the whole thing reeks of personal [hostility]. You are two grown men; you have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders; and you have a direct influence on an entire city and all of its residents! Take some responsibility already and resolve this matter."

– Yerushalayim Ha'Acheret

0202 Editors' Notes:
[1] Over the past year, there have been ongoing reports regarding political tension between Mayor Nir Barkat and Minister of Finance Moshe Kahlon. Tensions arise mainly as part of Nir Barkat’s ongoing campaign to enlarge the city’s financial budget. Barkat has recently blamed the government for depriving Jerusalem’s residents of an appropriate municipal financial budget necessary to cater to their health, cultural and educational needs. Moreover, Barkat claims that the budget per resident is 30% lower than per residents in the other large cities (Tel-Aviv, Haifa) in Israel.

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