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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem

News Digest: Prince William Visits Jerusalem

"This is how President Rivlin's Haredi chief of staff Rivka Ravitz responded when Prince William, grandson of the Queen of England, on a historic visit to Israel, [1] asked to shake her hand." [See video]

– Kikar HaShabbat

“In the first ever visit by any member of the [British] royal family, the Crown Prince met with the Prime Minister of the Occupation, Benjamin Netanyahu in occupied Jerusalem today [June 27, 2018].”

– Anata News-Jerusalem

"Pictures: Prince William violated the Al-Aqsa courtyards with a tight guard and security mobilization of the Occupation police, inside the occupied Old City of Jerusalem."

[Selected Comments:]
– "By the way his visit was specifically to east Jerusalem, occupied lands, and not the boundaries of Jerusalem the capital of Israel as the Jews claim and wish for…His visit is more support for the people of Jerusalem and less a violation."
– "Why violate? Waqf people were with him and took a selfie together."

-Mukaber Net

"In honor of Prince William's visit, here's a memento from Albert Edward, Prince of Wales', visit here in 1862. He's lying against the trunk of a large pine tree – 'Gottfried of Bouillon' – which had been in the yard of the Rockefeller Museum until it died at the ripe old age of about 260 years old. I couldn't find the photographer's name." [Picture in comments below]

– History Lover's Group (VIP)

Editors' Note:
[1] Prince William has begun his visit to Jerusalem, marking the first visit of the Royal Family to Israel since the Mandate Period ended.

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