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Points of Views
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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"Watch: Al-Aqsa guards inspect a settler who infiltrated Al-Aqsa Mosque today [Saturday]"

– Al-Quds News Network

[Selected Comments:
– "What is the problem here? The man wants to pray, not kill people…This is the Palestinians' problem. Islam is not Palestinian, it grants freedom of religion to every man in the world. You are the last person in the world to accept the word of God, and you believe you are the one who invented religion and law."
– "He should pray in his own temple…All of Al-Aqsa within its walls is the Muslims' only."
– "Congratulations to Al-Aqsa guards for the good job!"
– "Maybe this is one of Mahmoud Abbas' and the {Palestinian} Authority's men…they're all the same filth."
– "Where are Jerusalem's youth?"

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