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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem

News Digest on Rachel Azaria’s Entry into the Race for the Jerusalem Mayorship:


“I’m coming home.
I am running for Mayor of Jerusalem and need you with me.
Together, and only together, we can do good for Jerusalem.
Together we will make it a better city for us to grow in. Together we will develop and live,
Because Jerusalemites are better together.”

– Rachel Azaria [1]

[Selected Comments]
– “As a woman, feminist and liberal, you are the best candidate for Jerusalem. Good luck!”
– “Finally a candidate who lives in this city, born and raised, who understands its problems… you have my vote!”

“Look, Jerusalem, like the Derby, has its own rules [2]. What works outside of Jerusalem, that which is logical outside of it, is irrelevant inside it. Mostly the opposite is true.[…] So now they announced that a woman is running for Mayor – we should be happy right?! […] But no. And what have we learned? Anyone who listens knows, in ‘Jerusalem’s Logic’ this is a mistake. […] I'm sorry, but the feminist agenda and all that jazz are irrelevant. It’s still too early. We are still in the first season when the heroes of those who are not ultra-Orthodox are looking to conquer their way […].”

– Inbar Weiss

[Selected Comments]:
– "I don’t really understand… you’re the third woman today that has complained that Rachel is running for mayor…Why is that?”
[Inbar in response:] “It’s not that she is a woman, no – she’s great. Really. It’s the fact that there are too many candidates who are not from the Haredi sector. These divisions are not helping us.” [2]

“Rachel Azaria will push Ze'ev Elkin into Safra Square. [3]
I do not know if it's her hubris or that she has done a deal with him. It might be that both of these things are true.”

– Nisim Slama

“Good Morning – What do you think about this?” [link to Rachel Azaria’s post]
Posted to FB group ‘Fadlachshiot’ ['Religious-Feminist Women Who Have No Sense of Humour']

[Selected Comments]:
– “I appreciate some of her activities (such as the legislation that promoted the status of mothers), but at the same time she did foul things for Barkat in order to remain in the coalition. Like every Politician, she made compromises in order not to lose her seat, so I do not trust her. Moreover, the polls point to a close race between Elkin and Berkovich. At this point, all she will do is disperse votes from the moderate camp, instead of concentrating them on Berkovich, so maybe the intentions are good but the timing is not right. Next time you should start your campaign in an organised manner rather than at the last minute!”


“…Azaria has had her fair share of friction with the Haredi leadership on fundamental issues such as Kashrut, exclusion (and glorification) of women, and so on; to the extent that at this point it does not appear likely that she will attract Haredi support – not even partially so.”

– Kikar Hashabat

0202 Editor’s note:
[1] Rachel Azaria is currently serving as a member of the Knesset for the Kulanu Party. She previously served as deputy mayor and member of the Jerusalem City Council.
[2] The term "Derby" refers to a sports match between two teams that are from the same city. A common phrase in Israeli sport culture claims that derby games have their own rules. The meaning of the phrase, in principle, is that the results don't follow the usual patterns.
[2] There is frustration and disappointment among self-proclaimed ‘liberal’, ‘moderate’ communities that their representatives in the current municipality and in the upcoming elections are divided among themselves. There is a concern these divisions will disperse the vote and thus give political leverage to the Haredi candidates.
[3] Jerusalem Affairs Minister Ze'ev Elkin, of PM Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party, is also running for mayor of Jerusalem. Here is the assumption that by Rachel Azaria entering the race, the secular-pluralist vote will be split and Elkin will win.

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