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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"Greetings from Bab Al-Amoud [Damascus Gate]

This picture shows a Palestinian bus, probably the Beit Hanina bus line, damaged by bombs thrown from a speeding car by criminals from the Zionist Irgun [Etzel] gang, near Bab Al-Amoud. This happened in a terrorist attack on December 29, 1947, exactly seventy years ago, in which 17 Palestinians were martyred.

Revenge came quickly. Aref Al-Aref tells us in his book, 'The Nakba and the Loss of Paradise,' that after this Zionist attack, they went to search for the car. When they found and stopped it, a British officer intervened to protect the Zionists from the Arabs, so the Arabs killed the British officer and his assistant. On that day, three Zionists were killed in Jerusalem.
# Streets_of_Jerusalem"

– Streets of Jerusalem