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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"What are your thoughts on marijuana in Israel?

‘Yesterday, the Canadian senate approved a bill that will allow the use of marijuana for recreational use! It is the first country in the OECD that legalizes marijuana legislatively!’"

[The results of the poll as of 2:30pm:]

311 – in support
73 – against
10 – I haven’t decided.
8 – I don’t care.

– Jerusalemites FB Group

[Selected Comments:]
– "If the state wasn’t funding Teva [1], marijuana would have been legal long ago. What is to be done with the fact that the ‘national’ pharmaceutical company staunchly opposes legalization and would lose money because of it."
– "It will lead to catastrophe."
– "One of the greatest crimes against humanity was the illegalizing of this miraculous medicine in the '30's, which caused unnecessary suffering to millions of people. It is time to right this wrong!"
– "It’s called cannabis, and I would be glad if it were legal, as a person suffering from medical issues; I have three conditions that entitle me to receive a license and I still have to beg to receive it. I have to renew it every year. I have to explain to people that it isn’t a dangerous drug, but medicine that helps me function."
– "Obviously, I’m for it. How can you be knowledgeable enough about the subject of cannabis and not support this?
Statistics regarding crime, economy, social issues and more in countries that have legalized prove that this is a perfect step to take. The state makes millions from minimal taxation on cannabis, it causes an insane decline in violent crime, theft, and use of hard drugs […] True supervision over the use of cannabis can only be done by legalizing it; the only way to prevent organized crime and unwanted elements from making money from growing cannabis and trading in it is by transferring the growing and trading into government approved and regulated hands.

– "If it’s for medical purposes, that’s ok, but for no good reason? It will create chaos in this country."
– [In Response:] "Because everything is orderly and normal now."
– [In Response:] "Who are you to decide what is a medical cause? It’s a plant, for God’s sake. Anyone that wants to consume it should be allowed to, just like alcohol."

0202 Editor's Notes:
[1] Teva is a large Israeli-based multinational pharmaceutical company.

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