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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


News Digest: Vacation-Construction [1] Project Begins in Jerusalem

"History Made: The First Vacation-Construction Project in the City Begins

A ceremony marking the first vacation-construction project in Jerusalem was held in Kiryat Moshe [2] this morning, after more than a decade of planning this initiative. A complex including two 24-storey buildings, a park, a playground and a number of public buildings will be built on the site of six old buildings from the 1950s.
The project began 12 years ago and its progress was stalled by bureaucracy and various obstacles. Among these problems was an ‘objecting tenant’ in one of the buildings – an issue that took a few years to resolve with the assistance of court intervention. […]”

This is a complex procedure of urban renewal, but at the end of the day, all sides hope that the long-time tenants that have vacated their homes will receive larger, upgraded apartments."

– myNet Jerusalem


"Making history: Join me and Minister Gallant [3] live as we begin the demolition of the first building in Jerusalem as a part of an evacuation-construction in Kiryat Moshe. 13 buildings from the 40s will be demolished, and instead of the current 68 apartments, 260 new apartments will be built. This is Jerusalem’s future!"

– Nir Barkat, Jerusalem Mayor

[Selected Comments:]
– "Bless you, Nir Barkat."
– "Stupid residents. Instead of quiet buildings, this will become a crowded area. Where’s the renewal her? The apartments owners are the ones that will lose out. […]"
– "What a scandal! How was this project approved? Probably another bribery case! The neighborhood is overcrowded as it is…There aren’t enough green areas, there aren’t enough parking spaces, there are traffic jams at all hours of the day, and you want to add to that?! Has anyone, by any chance, given any thought to what will happen there at 8 every morning when 268 vehicles will exit that area close to a junction that is already problematic?! Or have they forgotten about that…Unbelievable!"

0202 Editor's Notes:
[1]Vacation-Construction initiatives are projects in which old buildings are demolished in order to build new complexes in the same location. Usually, the residents receive larger, upgraded apartments, and the contractors receive the rest of the built property.These projects are difficult to carry out because they require the approval of a majority of property owners in the building, as well as approval from municipality councils.
[2] Kiryat Moshe is a neighborhood in Jerusalem named after the British Jewish philanthropist, Moses Montefiore. It was designated as a National-Religious neighborhood and is home to some of the movement’s flagship institutions including the Mercaz Harav Yeshiva (men’s religious seminary) founded by Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook. Today, Jews of all denominations live in Kiryat Moshe.
[3] Yoav Gallant is a Member of Knesset and the Minister of Construction.

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