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Points of Views
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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"Picture: Taken in occupied Jerusalem. Jewish Haredi [1] women in Niqab[2]."

– Mukaber Net

[Selected Comments:]
– "Woah, Jewish women cover themselves and Muslim women strip…even the Hijab [3] has become the Ashkenazi [4] Haredi's."
– "This is legitimate and official."
– "Better than Salah A-Din Street [5]"
– "Just like us, wearing a kerchief with tights. The important thing is to see the bracelet on the occasion… Necessities of the job."
– "These people are really vigilant religiously. They always stay in their Haredi neighborhoods…you'd think they're Iranians."

0202 Editor's notes:
[1] Haredim (lit. those who tremble before God), also known as Ultra Orthodox Jews, adhere to a stream of Judaism that is characterised by a rejection of modern, secular culture. Many Haredi men do not serve in the IDF and instead learn in religious men’s seminaries. Some Haredim are theologically opposed to Zionism and the State of Israel.
[2]The Niqab is a veil over the face worn by Muslim women, with only a slit open for the eyes.
[3] The Hijab generally refers to the scarf worn over the hair, covering the neck as well and exposing only the face.
[4] Ashkenazi refers to Jews who religious and ethnic history primarily concerns residence and ancestry in Eastern Europe. They are the majority of the Jewish population in Israel.
[5] Salah A-Din Street is one of Jerusalem's main streets that has a dominant Muslim presence.

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