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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


“In the last few weeks, an interesting and rare coalition has been formed between the Arab and Haredi parties in the Knesset. This coalition is unprecedented and comes to protect the powers of each party. […] I wonder, will this type of coalition be viable at the Jerusalem municipal level?
We are on the verge of municipal elections and these are two minority groups, albeit large, that do not receive thorough attention to their problems and demands. These two groups, the Haredi on the one-side and the residents of East-Jerusalem on the other, are light-years apart ideologically, but share in common the fact that they are a minority in Jerusalem. They share problems like residency, public hygiene, waste-treatment, public transportation, etc.
A coalition between these two parties sounds crazy? I would have thought so too, however, at the same time I would have never imagined the American President meeting the leader of North Korea…”

– Yonathan Shor, opinion column for Mynet Jerusalem

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