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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"Concerned London Haredim Gather in Jerusalem

Hundreds gathered in Jerusalem for an emergency assembly, following the England's government decision to require schools to offer core studies in order to receive funding. As a result, conferences are being held in England and Israel in order to discuss the dire situation, in which the government will force Haredi schools to teach content which contradicts Jewish beliefs.

In Israel, institutions receive 50% funding even if they don’t teach core studies. Now, British Haredi schools will receive no funding at all, and will be forced to shut down.

It is reported that a number of London residents are seriously considering moving to Israel. ‘We cannot allow our children to hear such content, it’s a disaster. We’ll have to teach our children in secret, like they had to do in communist Russia’, said one Londoner. Another added, 'even homeschooling won’t be an option, because if a child doesn’t go to school, welfare services get involved. Children can’t stay at home.’

The Haredi communities are desperate. The foreign Haredim once pitied Israeli Haredim because of local governmental decrees, but now they face a much bigger problem."

-B'Hadrei Haredim

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