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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


“Good morning, here we go again…
Another demonstration in Jerusalem, again the roads are blocked [1] Again we need to deliberate whether or not to leave the house. Every week the roads are closed for some reason or another – political, religious, economic [2]. Ultimately those who suffer are the residents of Jerusalem.”

– Yehudit Gershon to ‘Jerusalemites’ Facebook Page

[Selected Comments:]
– “Instead of sympathizing with the 1000 families who have been thrown out onto the streets, you are complaining about blocked roads?! Crazy.”
– “Teva workers are wasting their time. When there isn’t money, you can do cartwheels in the air and it won’t make a difference. This is a product of bad and corrupt management. Shame!”

0202 Editor’s notes:
[1] The Israeli-based pharmaceuticals giant Teva has announced that it would lay off more than a quarter of its global workforce, or some 14,000 people, within the next two years. Some 1,750 workers are to be let go in Israel. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on the CEO to limit the layoffs, while politicians from across the political spectrum slammed Teva, saying that it had benefited from NIS 20 billion in tax deductions and public subsidies. To read more on the issue see: https://goo.gl/kN48vP.
In solidarity with the workers of Teva, multiple companies and offices in the public sector (transportation, health, schools), mainly workers who are members of the 'Histadrut' trade union, have called to strike and demonstrate.
[2] Over the last few months on multiple occasions many of Jerusalem's busiest and most central roads have been blocked due to demonstrations. Last month the roads were blocked due to demonstrations from extreme factions of the Ultra-Orthodox community, who demonstrated against their being drafted into the IDF. For a 0202 Haredi perspective see: https://goo.gl/SCa12j

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